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Our company has specialised in the development and manufacturing of different products from the sensor engineering sector. Find out more!


We specialise in the development and manufacture of incremental and absolute encoders and their applications.


We offer you a world--wide sales of rotary encoders and encoders. Here you can find our production facilities and distributors all over the world.


We are your specialist contact partner for encoders and rotary encoders. In our download area, you can find important information for downloading.

Encoder / rotary-encoders from Hohner Elektrotechnik from Werne

We at Hohner Elektrotechnik from Werne in Münsterland are your expert contacts for the design, development and manufacture of complex technical solutions in sensor technology. For many years our wide range of encoder/rotary encoder products has included numerous incremental and absolute rotary encoders, various linear measurement processes and all necessary accessoires.

The rotary encoders developed by Hohner Elektrotechnik are used all over the world in the most diverse branches of industry and offer convincingly high quality in all areas. Their uses include in the packaging, foodstuffs, wind power and heavy industries as well as in the oil and gas industry.

Your specialist for high quality rotary pulse encoders according to your requirements

It is our daily goal to produce quality and, above all, reliable products to meet worldwide market requirements. We also make individual solutions and small lot numbers possible. Optimal logistics in distribution ensure short delivery times, so that you don’t have to wait long for the product of your choice.

On the following pages we would like to present our company and the versatility of our rotary encoder product range. For many years customers all over the world have valued our extensive experience and competent advice. Let us convince you of our quality, flexibility and reliability and you can benefit from our short reaction times!

We also supply our good world-wide in small batches

AWI 58

Incremental rotary encoder with solid shaft

AWI 70 Ex & HWI 70 Ex
Incremental Ex-rotary encoder woth solid shaft and plug-in shaft

AWI 90
Incremental rotary encoder with solid shaft

HWI 80
Incremental rotary encoder with plug-in shaft

Mig Nova
Incremental rotary encoder with hollow shaft

SWI 58
Incremental rotary encoder with plug-in shaft

BC 58

Absolute singleturn / multiturn rotary encoder with solid shaft


Absolute singleturn / multiturn rotary encoder with solid shaft

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