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High quality rotary encoder isolators and safety barriers

The principle of the rotary encoder isolators is based on electrical isolation. This allows electrical reference potentials to be isolated from one another with the aid of encoder isolators, as a result of which the separate circuits remain potential-free.

This is particularly relevant for measuring applications where comparable functional units are accommodated in the same housing.In order to protect areas at risk of explosion, safety barriers are used for the connections between intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe circuits.

Safety Barriers and Isolators

Galvanic Isolator Series IB

  • Galvanic Isolator with six channels for Extendend Line Driver rotary-encoder 5...24V

Galvanic Isolator Series ID

  • Galvanic Isolator with six channels for current sink open collector rotary-encoder

Isolated Barriere Series KFD2

  • Isolated Barriere with two channels for NAMUR circuits

Galvanic Isolator Series MTL4541/S & MTL5541/S

  • Galvanic Isolator with two channels for 4-20mA circuits
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