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High quality underwater rotary encoders made in Germany

Thanks to their high protection class, the high-performance underwater rotary encoders are also suitable for operation below the water surface and are adapted to withstand the extreme conditions of the deep. Our rotary encoders for underwater operation are designed for use at water depths of up to 1,000 metres and pressures of up to 600 bar and reliably supply precise measured values.

The incremental rotary encoder measures the difference between a reference value and the current position by means of an optical scanning unit, whereas absolute rotary encoders for underwater use make do without an initial value and can supply additional measured data. In addition, an analogue output can be selected for the underwater absolute encoder.

Submersible rotary-encoders

With a protection up to 600 bar


  • Incremental, absolute or analogue submersible rotary-encoder as single- and multiturn version
  • with magnetic coupling
  • Housing diameter approx 100mm, extrem robust design and high degree of protection up to IP68M (max. 600 bar pressure)
  • Maximum pulses per revolution 1.250
  • Maximum resolution singleturn 13 Bit
  • Maximum resolution multiturn 25 Bit
  • For highest industrial requirements
  • Completely in stainless steel
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