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Hohner ElektrotechnikOur company introduces itself!

Hohner Elektrotechnik GmbH was founded in 1980 in Werne an der Lippe, a beautiful small town on the edge of the Münsterland.

Since the foundation of the company, Hohner has specialised completely in the development and manufacturing of pulse encoders and the corresponding application possibilities. Therefore, to this day, the main task of the company still consists of producing high-quality products and, above all, the production of reliable Hohner products for the global market requirements. In order to meet the ever increasing market requirements, optimum logistics ensure short delivery times.

Many technologies developed by us illustrate our continuous growth in the last 40 years and are used in the different industrial sectors, such as, for example, the packaging industry, thefoodstuff industry, heavy industry, the wind power industry or the oil and gas industry.

As we consider ourselves as company orientated completely on our customers, constant and continually improving quality assurance is one of the main fundamentals of our company. In this manner, the performance, flexibility and efficiency of Hohner Elektrotechnik is always kept at a high level, or has even increased. Thus, our permanent goal is the continuous improvement of our products, methods and systems so that only an accurate data and information analysis can be achieved. This is why we keep investing in research, technological development and innovation in order to ensure the long-term success of the company.

The strengths of Hohner also includes its own technical department that is available for any type of consultation for the customer when dealing with our products and their application. This allows us to fulfil all of our customers requirements effectively and with exceptional efficiency.

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Philipp and Burkhard Jankowski, managing partner

Philipp and Burkhard Jankowski, managing partner

Hohner Elektrotechnik Werne, a strong Team!

Team der Hohner Elektrotechnik Werne
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